Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mimi the cat

I regret to say there's another cat that we need to find a home for. Her name is Mimi and the apartment complex she lives in has imposed a $300/month fee for keeping a pet. That kind of expense is too much for her owner to handle so Mimi needs to find a new home.

Her owner describes her as "a very loving cat, loves alot of attention. Very well mannered cat."

I got to meet Mimi once. At first she ran off because of the sudden introduction of strangers to her house. Within a minute she was peeking into the room. Once she got a chance to look us over she came right back and rolled on the ground by us. Yummy got to pet and snuggle Mimi. I scooped her up and scratched her ears. I remember thinking she was rather small. Not a 16 pounder, for sure. She really is a sweetheart and seems like she'd adjust to a new home fairly well.

We're looking for someone to take her. Please, ask around. Forward this blog post to friends, coworkers, people you wish to annoy, anyone you know who is a soft touch. We need to find this kitty a home.

We'll be going to St Louis in a week. We can deliver to someone living between Baltimore and St Louis as long as they're not an absurd distance from I-70. Or, if someone in St Louis would like a kitty for a wedding gift, we can totally do that, too.

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Unknown said...

Very cute! I hope she finds a new home!