Monday, July 19, 2010

Movie Review: Inception

Did you see "The Matrix"? Did it confuse you? No, just the first movie. Forget "Reloaded" and "Revolutions". They're not worth mentioning. Just the first movie. Did you follow it OK? If you got lost or confused then you want to skip "Inception".

Personally, I loved it. What you got from the trailers is that this is a movie about a guy with this technology that allows him to enter the dreams of someone else and steal stuff. I was expecting something like "Sneakers" meets "The Cell". Some corporate or political espionage movie. And, it sort of is. Just not to the degree I expected.

Mostly this technology is used to go in to someone's head and steal their secrets. But if you're good, really good, you can plant an idea in someone's head. That's called inception.

Leonardo DiCaprio's character is this really great memory thief. Well, he and his team. Leo used to be married. But, well... See, when you die in your dream you wake up. But if you don't wake up for some reason you end up in void. In limbo. Since time moves faster in dream space you can find yourself there for a crazy long time. It's thought that if you spend too many years there you'll go mad or wake up a vegetable.

Leo spent some time in limbo with his wife. Fifty years to be exact. She's dead now, but her memory haunts him. So while he's in someone else's head his wife is in there, too. She's a bit mad. And violent.

There. I don't think I've given away too much. There's still a lot to the movie that I haven't touched on.

If you go with others you'll want to do movie first and then dinner. This movie is one that you'll think about and want to discuss afterward.

I'll get this on DVD. In part I'll get it on DVD so I can turn on the captioning so I know what they're saying. A lot of the dialog is garbled because of the soundtrack or sound effects.

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