Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Links: July 30

"It makes no sense, these people shouldn't be in the same room never mind the same team. To me, that's the definition of family." - Joss Whedon on The Avengers movie which he's writing and directing. [link]

Costumes from comic-con day 1. [link]
I'm partial to Dr Jones Sr.

Here is how the Comic-conians greeted the Phelps bigots. [link]

Nice culture comparison between the Phelps family and Comic-conians.

Apple donated MacPaint and QuickDraw source code to the Computer History Museum. [link]

Great Bill Murray interview. [link]

Very short story about a mathematician facing the zombie horde. [link]

Fecal transplants may be the next big diet plan. [link]

iPhone program that lets you record measurements. [link]
I'd use the fuck out of this program.

Dog gets communion. One person gets mad and ruins it for everyone else. [link]

Game: Some Bomb - use bombs that blast diagonal or straight lines to destroy the living thingies. [link]

One of Conan's writers talks about the job and the end thereof. [link]
Conan should have kept the job and NBC had Leno host the perpetually rumored American version of "Top Gear".

I love Oregon. Yes, it's pretty, but I like their laws. It was the first (and I think still only) state to legalize doctor assisted suicides. It is also a crime to refuse medical treatment for your children for religious (or any other) reasons. That's what happened here. [link]
warning: unsettling photo

King Tut's ride is coming to New York. [link]

Lego tattoos. [link]

How to run a commercial on Fox News for $100. [link]

A report on female genital mutilation in England. [link]
warning: disturbing.

Apollo astronaut "life insurance". [link]

Wow. A commercial this scummy and dishonest and the GOP PAC is actually owning up and taking credit for it. Not even hiding behind some "Citizens this", "United that", or "Christian something else".
It’s not a 13 story Mosque, it’s a cultural center called the “Cordoba House“. That’s kind of an obscure reference. Cordoba, Spain, during the early middle ages was one of those rare places that Islam, Christianity and Judaism existed side by side without too much friction (as near as historians can tell). Understanding that makes it’s purpose pretty clear.
It’s not at Ground Zero, or looking down on Ground Zero as some have suggested. It’s three or four blocks north of the site.

The trailer for Phil Plait's new show.

Horror ceramic figures. [link]
I think the first one is most disturbing. Just kinda "Oh, ma'am, do you realize you've pulled out your intestines?" "Oh, dear, not again."

Your daily dose of the sureal.

Great protest signs. [link]

Effects of LSD on artistic ability. [link]

Priest drowns baby during baptism. [link]

Several metric fuckloads of gators. [link]
Me? I don't think I would have pushed on even with a sturdy tinfoil boat.

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