Monday, July 26, 2010

Movie Review: Get Him to the Greek

I thought Russell Brand was some British rock star. The only times I saw him were on YouTube posts of some news game shows that he's a panelist on. He's funny-ish, not really my kind of funny, but not overly informed. I figured he was a rock star not good enough to get air play in America. He puts off that vibe.

Turns out he's only a movie rock star. He played Aldous Snow, lead singer for Infant Sorrow, in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall". Other than that he's been largely a host for things. Some Big Brother related shows, some MTV stuff, and is now getting into movies.

Did you see "Dumb and Dumber"? Kinda funny, but mostly you feel embarrassed for the people on screen? You know what I'm talking about. That's how the first 30-45 minutes of "Get Him to the Greek" are like. The crap that ... I should tell you the story, shouldn't I?

Jonah Hill works for some music company. During some brainstorming session he suggests that they get Aldous Snow, faded rock star, to re-do his legendary concert at The Greek theater for the 10th anniversary of said concert. Next thing he knows the concert is a go. He's been given the task of escorting Snow from England to New York for the Today Show and then to LA for the concert. Unfortunately, Snow can't be herded. He makes life hell for Jonah.

So, as I was saying, the crap that Aldous puts Jonah through made me think that Aldous was doing it on purpose just to see what Jonah would do. But no, Aldous was just being Aldous. He's into drugs, alcohol, late night parties, and women.

The first 30-45 minutes is embarrassing and amusing. Then a deeper story starts to manifest. Aldous is missing a connection in his life. He misses his ex-wife. He'd like a relationship with his dad. And the stuff Jonah goes through stops being embarrassing and becomes just funny.

Unfortunately, the scene that Yummy really wanted to see wasn't in the movie at all. If you've seen the trailers you've seen the clip of Aldous driving a tiny electric car through the halls of a mansion while telling some woman "I'm a motorist!" That wasn't in the movie.

This movie has a future on the shelf at frat houses and college dorms. While it was funny I don't feel the need to have it on DVD.

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GreenCanary said...

"I'm a motorist!" So sad that they didn't put that scene in there. I was bummed :-(