Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Links: July 23

First they said that desecrating a communion wafer was a greater sin than genocide. Now the Vatican says that attempted ordination of female preachers is akin to the mass child rape of their own preachers. [link]

Mark Twain would have make a great blogger. [link]

Airplane plant disguise. [link]

Great practical joke. [link]

Penn an Teller interview. [link]

The Little Mermaid is a crap role model.

Underwater sculpture. [link]

Dick Cheney no longer has a pulse. [link]

100 ft glow stick and instructions to make your own.

Love this motorcycle. [link]

WalMart codes explained. [link]

Former Doctor Who, Sylvester McCoy rumored to play Bilbo Baggins in the Hobbit movie. [link]


Sometimes it's OK to be a dick. [link]

A very Christian message to newborns.

Demonstration of a new physics engine. [link]

Fred Phelps and family are gonna be in the same neighborhood at the upcoming Comic-Con. They've scheduled a short protest outside the convention. There's a bit of excitement as the geeks of the world figure out how to respond. Here's one suggestion. [link]

Managers of the world, read this. Imitate this. Stop being complete tards. [link]

Comic book prequel to Inception for free download or online viewing. [link]

There's an ATM in Antarctica. This is an interview with the Wells Fargo ATM guy to talk about it. [link]

Game: Zombies Took My Daughter! - Zombies have taken over. You're separated from your daughter. Collect clues to narrow down the search. Kill anyone who gets in your way. [link]

Bad Astronomer Phil Plait has a new column. His first article is why we don't have to worry about Predators kidnapping us. [link]

Make your own beeswax wood polish. [link]

Pug sings Batman theme.

Arguing with an ibex.

We've gotten good at rendering most everything but people. What about sound? [link]

China has their own oil disaster. [link]

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