Friday, July 02, 2010

Friday Links: July 2

Significant efficiency upgrade achieved in death rays. [link]

Website for a fictional museum of aircraft from various sci-fi shows. [link]
I wish this place were real.

Last week we saw a crab-thing crawl out of it's shell. Here's a proper explanation of what happened. [link]

How a 4 year old plays Grand Theft Auto. [link]

Difference between an iMac in 2000 and an iPhone in 2010. [link]

Some results from the Venus Express. [link]
I wanna send another lander to Venus. This time with cookie dough so we can watch the dough cook.

Perennial crops. [link]
I see the thinking, but I'm not sure it's a good idea. We have to rotate the crops to keep the soil healthy. The same crop year after year ruins the soil for that crop.

The Institute for Creation Research (people who try to make Creationism look scientific and legit) used to be located in California where, due to some knotholes in the law, it could give out Masters Degrees. They moved to Texas where the culture was more accepting of their nonsense. But they're finding the legal system is less accepting of bad science. They can no longer offer Masters Degrees. Of course, they're fighting it.
Here's a bit from the court's ruling. [link]

Game: Tower of Doom - equip your lone tower to fight off your enemies. [link]

A few years back Scott Adams asked his readers for advice about what should go in Dilbert's new house. And a beauty of a house was designed from that. The house Adams made for himself is a bit different, but it is done and is lived in. He talked about what features they added that he thinks really work. [link]

The Dunning-Kruger Effect has had a lot of press the last few weeks. It basically says that people who are bad at something tend not to know that they're bad at it. Here's a good article about it. [link]

Place the oil spill on a map of your neighborhood. [link]

I think I'd vote for this guy. [link]

A potentially interesting documentary. [link]

A restored 1889 Edison electric car.

If something pokes out of the human body it gets infected. Antlers don't get infected. There's been some research into why that is in the hopes of making prosthetic limbs that fasten to you instead of clipping on. This cat with prosthetic legs is the first example I've seen of that being applied. [link]

Interview with a sewage diver. [link]

Short, sad, but good comic book story. [link]

Game: 60 Seconds to Save the Queen - Race through a crumbling castle to save the queen. You'll lose the first time, but you can then replay different screens to better your time. [link]

Short game: Easy Joe - click the right things to clear the way for the bunny. [link]

At-At Afternoon.

AT-AT day afternoon from Patrick Boivin on Vimeo.

A better mousetrap. [link]

BatPorn trailer.

Five true war stories. [link]

Needlepoint animation. [link]

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