Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Links: July 16

Yes, you can haz cheezeburger.

Some interesting tidbits about UPS. [link]

Old NPR report about a car alarm that sounds like birds. [link]

A story of escaping slaves written by the slaves. She dressed as a white man, he as her slave. [link]
The book. [link]

Big mamma jamma of a farmers market. [link]

What if the Earth stopped rotating? Check these computer models to see. [link]

Good thing he's not selling these. I'd probably get one much like it for my soon to be long commute. [link]

I'm digging some of these homemade home improvments. [link]

Creepy dolls. [link]

Short story: The Egg - You've just died. Before you reincarnate you get a chat with God. Turns out that you're everyone who ever lived. [link]

How to tell if someone is drowning, [link]

Carved eggshells. [link]
Holy crap that looks hard.

Another reason to hate Bob Jones University. This is their text on electricity. [link]
Primitive screwheads.

Tea Partier quotes put in the mouth of Jesus. [link]

I love cloud chambers.

Flash of the iPad. [link]
Frash! AhAAAaaaa! Defendel of the univelse.

100 class sci-fi movie you can see for free online. [link]

I'm trying to get some sand plums from the grove at the farm growing here in DC. Eventually I hope to do something like this. [link]

Publisher "Night Shade" was being sneaky and got busted. Find out more and the response from SFWA. [link]

Mr Mojoceratops Risin'. [link]

The scarf making clock. [link]

Sensible Christian tells one of the Phelps family of hatemongers what's what. [link]

Team Fortress 2 characters dance. [link]


Don't mess with the Jedi cat.

How many nuclear weapon tests have the United States conducted? What about the Soviets? The answer will shock the hell out of you. [link]
Watch the video.

Listen to songs backwards. [link]

Personal vertical farm. [link]

Game: Castle Wars 2 - pick cards to build your castle or destroy your opponent's castle. [link]
I spent way too long on this game.

Fatwa placed on cartoonist behind "Draw Mohammed Day". [link]

How not to store liquid nitrogen tanks. [link]

Firefly/Serenity done as an 80's show. [link]

Fruit MRIs. [link]

A list of movies filmed in 3D and those faked into 2D. [link]

Glass models of microbes. [link]

Cooking with old recipes. [link]

WWII was completely unbelievable plot-wise. [link]

Fighting Christian Supremacists in the military. [link]

Game: Inferno - put out the fires before... I'm not sure what. [link]

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