Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Movie Review: Knight and Day

Thanks to the internet marketing a movie or TV show is as much about the impressions people get of the show before hand as it is about the show.

This is somewhat obvious. That's what marketing is for. The producers of Doctor Who are good at playing with that. Deliberate conflicting reports about whether The Doctor would live or die were released by the actors in interviews. So we watched the last episode or two constantly wondering if or when he was gonna die. They produced suspense by making it a legit question in the minds of the viewers. They've done lots of similar things over the years.

Similarly, I felt that "Knight and Day" did something similar. Tom Cruise in public is packed full of crazy. Tom Cruise on screen is packed full of ego. Jumping on couches, talking about Scientology; Tom just can't seem to stop with the crazy. So they used that.

"Knight and Day" is about a spy who seems to have gone around the bend. There's no real doubt about whether he's guilty or not. But he does a good job at being kinda nuts. That's largely what I went to see the movie for.

It's not a bad movie. The action scenes aren't on the epic level of "The A-Team", but they're alright. Mostly there there just for Cruise and Diaz to banter to and be kinda goofy.

I'm not gonna jump up and down and rave, but I can recommend this movie. I won't get it on DVD. But a matinee might be a good time to see this.

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