Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Links: June 18

In the grand tradition of the Wilhelm Scream [Google the video], I give you the newspaper that shows up all across the television spectrum. [link]

Game: Spot the Smile - Look at 20 faces and tell if their smiles are real or fake. [link]

Sarah Palin hired an aide that used to scrub jews from the government for Nixon. [link]

Adorable squirrel. [link]

Torchwood will get a 4th season. Russell T Davies has left Doctor Who, but is still producer for Torchwood. [link]

Dr Demento is leaving the airwaves. Shows will continue through the website. [link]
You know, I almost got Sirius Radio just to listen to him again. But they cancelled him before I signed up.

Patrick Stewart is finally a knight. This is how it should have looked. [link]
I want to see a movie where a bunch of celebrity knights have to go on a quest.

In some states it is illegal to video tape police abuse. [link]

Cartoon: Penny Arcade on the oil spill. [link]

Cartoon: The fate of Spongebob. [link]

How to fight the homosexual lifestyle - let them marry.

This video game is worth the money just for creepy Watson.


Two faced kitten born and still alive.

Bookstores that are awesome. [link]

Plane getting struck by lightning.

More 3D projections.


Ohthankgawd. Space X got their rocket damn close to it's predicted orbit in their first try. This is important because they're gonna be America's only way to the ISS for a few years. [link]
Seriously. HUGE relief.

You are entering raven airspace. Turn back or be destroyed.

How deep, exactly, is that leaky pipe? [link]

How many birds do wind turbines kill? How does it compare to the oil spill? [link]

Scott Adams on the Afghanistan lithium deposits. [link]

SciFi author and editor Frederick Pohl talks about Arthur C Clarke and The Amazing Randi. [link]

Picture: Atlantis lifting off and some of it's aerial security. [link]

Responsible analysis of claims of life on Titan. [link]

Space probe Hayabusa returning to Earth. The last glowing bit contains samples of the asteroid Itokawa. It was successfully recovered.

Navy SeaLions sent to recover rogue robot submarine. [link]

Tricorders? Real ones? [link]

James Randi talking. What else do you need to know?

The life of oxygen.

Giraffe fight.

Game: Nonograms - [link]
Or you can start with some easier stuff [here] to learn what it's asking of you.

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