Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday jack

It's Friday and you all know what that means.

In this case it doesn't mean jack shit. I'm in Kansas this week. Monday through Wednesday were just some brain farts from last week that I'd queued up. Thursday was just what I said it was. I have a ton of potential links for today, but I should probably look at them to see if they're worth a damn first.

Instead here's a few quick things that have been a topic of conversation tonight.

We had drinks and played shuffleboard at Hank Is Wiser Brewery in Cheney, KS. [link]
Those of you from that area will be as stunned as I was to find out that such a small, nowhere town got a brewery.

Saw Stop. My dad's dad's sister's daughter's husband used to teach shop. He got one for his school and accidentally put the saw to the test two months later.

Utopia beer. Brewed every other year, you can buy a bottle for $600 or an ounce for $12. Only two bars have it available. One in Vegas and Hank's in Cheney. It's 52 proof and brewed with Sam Adams' ninja yeast. [link]

Prehistoric beer. I always understate how old this yeast is. [link]

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