Friday, June 04, 2010

Friday Links: June 4

Game: Being One 4 - Figure out how to get out of the lab you just woke up in. [link]
You'll want to play 1-3 first. Links are available on the site.

You know your campaign is in trouble if Sarah Palin is endorsing you. [link]

Lesser known American civil wars. [link]

An interview with astronomer Phil Plait. They goof around for awhile before getting to some good discussions about NASA funding and the ever changing rocket programs. [link]

While one Mars rover sets new records for longevity it's sibling is declared officially dead. [link]

75 years ago Jesse Owens kicked some ass at the Olympics. This article expands upon the event without getting long and dull. [link]

I missed Towel Day. But here's 42 uses for your towel. [link]

A game between a newbie girls softball team and a team that hasn't lost in 2.5 years was forfeit so the good team could teach the new team how to play instead of getting totally embarrassed. [link]

DAMMIT! I crashed and lost some of the links.

Pictures and video of a disused nuclear reactor deliberately exploding. [link]

Adam Savage talks about something that Mythbusters did that never made it to the air.

Betelgeuse is about to explode... but only if you use the word "about" in reference to grand cosmic terms. "Soon" and "About" would mean time spans of only half a million years. [link]

Short film: Chrono Perambulator. Predictable really.

Google bans Windows. Sites security flaws as main reason. [link]

What happens when you put 3 Jesuses in a room together? [link]
Now there's a reality show I'd watch.

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