Thursday, June 17, 2010

More farm pics

I finally woke up enough to realize I hadn't posted yet today. Here's pics.

Big evil looking bug

Hey, mister. Wat'cha doin' wit' dat caliper? C'ud yuh do it further frum mah nest?

The lightning bugs were super active that week.

The sand plums begin to ripen.

Old farm implement in the wind row.


One of our ant lion colonies.

One of the planters.

Corn for eating.

Not gonna be going to the field today. Or tomorrow. The day after isn't looking so hot either.

Wattson with one of the neighbor's chickens. Unrelated to the picture I used Tuesday and Wednesday.

Crazy rooster chick.

Lily pads in the horse tank.

Dad's grapes.

Getting a test sample of the wheat.

The cameraman needs to move his ass.


GreenCanary said...


Malaise Inc said...

Barn swallows? Hate them. I have three nests active in my barn, which wouldn't be so bad except the little buggers are so territorial. They keep dive bombing me.

It's my freaking barn! They should be more appreciative.

Ibid said...

When my brother and I were out there they'd keep flying in one window and out the other. When it was just me it would sit on that board and stare at me. I'd go outside from time to time so it could feed the chicks. But they didn't bother me.

I wish I could get a picture of Grandma's barn owl. Looks like it could carry off small cattle.