Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Links: May 28

I love Cassini. It launched when I was in college and I signed up for a mailing list where I'd get e-mails once a week or so detailing every system check, software update, course correction, etc. I had to get off the list when I left college because I was losing my e-mail address. Was never able to find out where to go to sign up again. Of course, it's all moot now as Cassini has been orbiting Saturn for quite awhile and sending back fantastic pictures of Saturn and it's moons. Here's some new ones. [link]

Marina Sirtis and Jonathan Frakes (Troi and Riker from Star Trek: The Next Generation) having a nice chat.

You've seen me link to lots of articles about the great vaccination controversy and the fucker whose work has caused thousands of kids to contract a disease that was nearly extinct not long ago and has killed several in the last few years. Andrew Wakefield has now had his name struck from the medical register in England. Too bad he's working in the US now. [link]

Glenn Beck has lost half of his viewers. [HA Ha!]

The Pentagon was built on a government operated hemp farm. [link]


Old news by now, but scientists have reprogrammed some bacteria with a completely artificial DNA strand. Yeah, it's feeding and dividing and everything. [linka]

Burning rivers amuse me. [link]

Before George Bush/After George Bush. [link]

10 women inventors. More interesting than it sounds. [link]

Comet hits the sun. [link]

Pluto's orbit is in a different plane than the bodies thought to have formed from the dust that became the Solar System. This system has at least two planets at radically different orbits from that system's plane. [link]

HA! [link]

Darwin: The Motion Picture (spoof).

Welcome to Huffelpuff. We're sorry.

New Mark Twain book coming out. [link]

3D optical illusion.

Programming for a bacteria has been changed. The next question is "why". Here one of the researchers talks about the problems and what good this technology will do us some day.

New from Aardman Entertainment.

Shark tea infuser. [link]

I'm a Marvel... and I'm a DC - 100th episode. THE MUSICAL! Seriously, if you haven't seen the other Marvel/DC stuff you need to.

Game: Star Relic - remarkably easy space conquest game. [link]

What questions did Lost fail to answer? [link]
I think the person who did this missed a few episodes.

Latest version of the robot dog.

Bullets through gelatin are always awesome.

Help identify and label lunar craters from recent satellite images. [link]

Older video that came up lately. It's how 3 graphic designers did what took Spielberg thousands of extras.

Me and the birdies are rocking out to this. It's supposed to make any song a swing song. [link]

Well crafted projection on buildings. [link]

Game: Sprocket Rocket - invent attachments for your ship to let you navigate this maze to collect the gears. [link]

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