Thursday, May 20, 2010

Borden books

Because I try to find something to post every day AND because other people seem to be excited by this stuff, I'm gonna tell you about some acknowledgements that we've received.

I work for the Borden Institute. It's a small department within the Army that publishes medical textbooks and the occasional history book.

Last May was the 100th anniversary of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. We spent a year and change gathering pictures from their history and put together a pictorial history. That book, "Walter Reed Army Medical Center Centennial: A Pictorial History, 1909-2009", has been listed in "Notable Government Documents for 2009". The rest of the list is available here.

Also, in The Washington Book Publishers' 2010 Book Design & Effectiveness Competition our book "Care of the Combat Amputee" received the First Place award in the Technical Text category for Small to Medium Nonprofit organizations.

Apparently I don't have the right mindset for this kind of thing. While everyone else is jumping around and congratulating each other I'm thinking "Fuck. Are they gonna make me go to some stupid ceremony?

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