Friday, May 07, 2010

Friday Links: May 7

Happy Iron Man 2 Day!
Oh, and happy birthday to me, too.

Make a small forge for your home.

NASA balloon crashing.

A lovely little song about the Pope that would go well in a South Park episode. You've been warned.

A collection of 1 minute science videos for kids. [part 1] [part 2]

After a 9 year struggle the Cape Cod offshore wind farm is going ahead. [link]
I think the death of Ted Kennedy went a long way towards removing the opposition.

This is what I want to see in all book stores. Something that can take out of print books and get you copies of them in a matter of minutes. [link]

This video is a commercial for It's a site that collects instructions on how to fix things. I'll be spending time looking around this site.

Hubble Telescope is 20 years old. This 16 minute video covers the history and the accomplishments of this telescope.
Time how long it takes you to recognize the voice of the narrator.

This is child abuse.

This subject came up in conversation the other day. So you get to share in the experience of watching a Lego based Rubix Cube solver.

Sweet self balancing robot.

"Dude, you're doing a lot of videos this week."
"Very true. Lets see what else I've got."

Picture: Earth as seen from Mars. [link]

Picture: New solar observatory satellite gets a great picture of our sun going boom. [link]

Slow motion of the rockets of Apollo 11 launching. It has a narrator explaining what you're seeing.

Apollo 11 Saturn V Launch (HD) Camera E-8 from Mark Gray on Vimeo.

Yep, more videos. This just makes me laugh.

Terminator mic stand. [link]

They want to ignite a star. On Earth. Just some minor heebie jeebies. [link]
Fission energy and space elevators: 10-20 years after we stop laughing.

Make your dog's (or fluffy kitty's) hair into clothing. [link]

Fox News says Mr Rogers was an evil man.

Terry Pratchett talks about Doctor Who. [link]
I have to agree. Doctor Who isn't sci-fi anymore than Ray Bradbury's Martian stuff was sci-fi. Bradbury is the first to admit that his "sci-fi" stuff is really fantasy set in space.

Doonesbury mentioned Andersonville death camp in conjunction with the Civil War a few days ago.I wasn't familiar with Andersonville so I looked it up. Turns out the Confederates had concentration camps. [link]

The Russians have some experience in dealing with massive underwater oil leaks. They nuke them. [link]

The history of the British Police Box with emphasis on it's relevance to the design of different types of TARDIS [link].

This sounds like a challenging game. Deal 6 cards from a deck missing jokers and face cards. Figure out what math symbols are requires to make the first 5 equal the sixth. [link]

The Vatican is launching investigations into American nuns. No, the nuns haven't been raping children or anything. They're suspected feminists. [link]
If you haven't run screaming from the Catholic Church yet why the fuck not?

You remember those climate scientists whose e-mails were hacked and leaked? They've been cleared of any wrong doing by both a scientific panel and a political panel. They could be more organized, but that's about it. Certainly nothing wrong with their results. [the official report] [analysis by the Bad Astronomer]

This is how the Supreme Court should write. [link]

Color survey results. If nothing else you should jump to the end. [link]


Cartoon: Superman and bugs. [link]

Obama admits America has 5,113 nuclear weapons. This is down from the peak of 31,255. [link]

Homemade Pop Tart recipe. [link]

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