Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Links: May 21

How to sterilize water on the cheap if you're living in a shit hole. [link]

Funny. That's pretty much the same way that they clean water on the ISS and Space Shuttles. [link]

And you can use something similar when [camping], [cleaning your toothbrush], or [staying in some skeevy hotel].

Great barbecue. [link]

Voyager 2 has started speaking in tongues. [link]

A few years back Voyager 1 started feeling turbulence as it reached the beginning of the heliopause. [link]

If Gays Don't Want To Be Discriminated Against, They Should Stay In the Closet. [link]
A week without a Republican saying something horrible and bigoted is like... impossible.

One effort to take care of the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is to spread this substance that will solidify the oil.

The ISS in 3D. Treat it like a Magic Eye picture. link

I mentioned last week that the Maine Republican Party platform has been replaced by something you'd expect to hear from Glenn Beck. It turns out that while making this decision a caucus held in a middle school vandalized the classroom they were in. [link] [another link]

You may recall back in 2002 15 girls in Saudi Arabia burned to death because they weren't allowed to leave the burning building without their burkas. I hadn't heard the bit about how firefighters weren't allowed to enter the building and rescue them. But after only 8 years the Saudis passed a law making it legal for firefighters may rescue people from burning buildings that may have women not in full dress inside. [link]

A nun has been excommunicated because she approved of an abortion in the hospital she is an administrator for. The fetus was dead either way. The woman carrying it could only be saved if they surrendered the fetus. [link]

Geez. How about some good news?
Well, the Episcopal church just ordained the first openly lesbian Bishop. [link]

Omega-3 may prevent bone loss while in space. [link]

Lewis Black lists the many, many ways that Glenn Beck finds Hitler comparisons.
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The New York Public Library is suffering from a huge budget cut. Improv Everywhere is helping draw attention to that by doing some Ghostbuster cosplay there. This was the library they used in the movie after all. No human being would stack books like this.

Sloth orphans.

Meet the sloths from Amphibian Avenger on Vimeo.

Game: Robot Wants Puppy - you played Robot Wants Kitty. Find out what he wanted the kitty for. [link]

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Creepy [link]

Don't try this at home.

Other uses for coffee filters. [link]


Midwest hail hits a swimming pool.

Evangelical Pastors hate their jobs. [link]

How many licks does it take to get to the middle of a Tootsie Pop? [link]

He is Iron Man's sidekick War Machine. [link]

Plant a tree. Plant a huge mamma-jamma of a tree. [link]

Terry Gilliam is trying to make Don Quixote again. [link]
He tried this before and it was a disaster. The documentary "Lost in La Mancha" tells the story of how everything went wrong. You should rent it.

A cartoon about the father of the vaccine controversy. [link]

Quit Facebook Day. [link]

Republican Congressmember resigns after having an affair. The shocking part? He had his affair with a woman. [link]
Must have secretly been a Democrat.

You may have heard that Texas has tried to sabotage science and history textbooks across the country by changing their curriculum to leave out such radical theories as the existence of Thomas Jefferson, among other things. California is fighting back by setting their curriculum to refuse to accept any books that adhere to what Texas' standards call for. [link]

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