Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Ruben Tube

I can't believe that a Rubens Tube isn't a cliched part of any dance club. They're just so awesome. I know if I had a club I'd have several.

I suppose I should explain what they are. Take a pipe, cap on end with a speaker, pump propane in the other end, position it horizontally, poke holes along the top, and set fire to the top. As the speaker plays it compresses the propane in a pattern consistent with a sound wave. The flames coming out the top get taller and shorter depending on the pressure of the gas in the tube. That is to say that the gas jets get taller and shorter depending on the particular tone being played.

This is the video that first introduced me to the concept.

Rubens Tube playing "Still Alive".

Mythbusters play with one. [link]

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GreenCanary said...

I like what the fire does one minute in when the music pipes in.