Thursday, May 22, 2008

Whatever doesn't kill...

list assembled with some help. Forgive a bit of repetition of themes. makes you stronger. makes you stranger. probably hurt like crazy. has just royally pissed me off. can still maim you horribly. should have asked me for help. shows that you can't even kill yourself properly. wasn't what the snake book said it was. shows why you should never trust a cheap hit man. needs to try harder next time. obviously hates me. still might turn you into a lifeless vegetable, unable to communicate with the world yet still able experience every excruciating second of your life [staring up at a 45 deg angle at the same three fluorescent tube light bulbs, the occasional nurse, and the relatives who visit less and less each year preaching to you how they still have hope about your recovery] until they finally decide to pull the life support twenty years later[, but only after a long court battle with people who have never met you think that keeping you alive is better than allowing nature to take its course].

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