Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday extra

Woke up to country music because apparently that's all they play in Florida.
Got a free breakfast up the hall.
It's pushing 10:00.

Launch is scheduled for 5:02 PM. Double checking... yep 7 hours to go. The window sign says I need to be at Kennedy Space Center by 2:00.

There no address on the website or paperwork. I can't just punch it into my GPS system and go. I'll have to resort to...MAPS! Satellite footage and maps don't completely line up.

I guess I'll grab a book and head on out. The brochure make it look like I can kill a day out there.

Phil Plait, the blogger behind the Bad Astronomy website and related books is gonna be there. I couldn't find a copy of his book to get him to sign. No guarantee we'll be at the same place anyway.

No bags, no pretty much everything. I should be able to take my camera, however.

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