Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Northwest Passage

Last summer I reported that the Northwest Passage has opened. At least during the summer months it has. I find this simultaneously horrific and wonderful. On the one hand there's global warming and all that. On the other hand it opens up shipping routes and you and I can now cruise places that foiled some of history's greatest explorers. And I said that as soon as there's a cruise going through there I'm going.

Guess what?

Alas, I've already committed myself to my Space Shuttle trip this summer. And my deck is killing my bank account. There's only so much time I can take off work. But next summer, NEXT summer...

My favorite trip so far:
You start in Kamchatka, take a helicopter to an ice breaker off the coast and spend 20 days traveling to Resolute Bay.
Between $12K and $20K depending on your berth.

Another trip shaves off a week, is considerably cheaper, and looks more like a cruise.
It goes from Resolute Bay to Cambridge Bay or vice-versa depending on when you go.
$4,200 - $8,400

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