Monday, May 19, 2008


It's about 1 PM on Sunday and I'm thinking about this weeks blogs. Not a lot to write really.

I didn't go see Prince Caspian and I probably won't. For the high production values of the first Narnia movie, the sets, CGI, music, adherence to source material, etc. I walked out feeling pretty meh about it. If there were a dollar theater around I might go see it after I read that book.

I'm reading real books again, but none really close to done.

I need to go shopping for new jeans but I'm putting it off until next weekend. I figure I'll go out to White Flint to get jeans, a copy of "Stratego" from the "Toys R Us" out there, and see the new Indiana Jones movie.

My Florida stuff is pretty much covered. I've seriously curtailed my dining out in order to pay for my deck and the Florida trip of indeterminate length. I'll probably be able to pull off both but it'll be tight.

Oh, and I found out that an old... well, not girlfriend, certainly not lover, let's say woman-with-whom-I-shared-an-all-consuming-passion-over-the-telephone got married. More on that tomorrow.

A truck is going to show up some day and haul junk from my backyard so they can start installing the deck. My man Eric told me to throw whatever I want rid of back there. So I'm stepping up a couple of projects and some house cleaning so I can complete said projects. The ceiling in my stairwell is coming down. And hopefully the kitchen ceiling, too before they get here. I probably won't push ahead on those projects for some time due to budgetary purposes. Florida, deck, and save up for a furnace in the fall.

Did some lawn work yesterday.

So, you know, rather laid back weekend really.

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