Friday, July 28, 2006

Tiger Foam

Well, that was a mess.
It all hooked up pretty easy. Two big tanks, one hose to each, nozzle on the gun. Me in my goggles, mask, and suit. Turn the knobs to open up the tanks and watch as the contents of the tanks come boiling out the gaps between the hose and the twisty part that connects to the tank. More came out of there than could ever come out of the nozzle.
I call the company and they say, "no problem, just e-mail a picture to this person." But I've moved out. My computer is in bits so I can't access my camera. Besides, I've cleaned up. I'd have to make the mess again in order to get the shot.

p.s. - I can get a disposable camera and head to the nearest 1 hour photo. But that's a few miles beyond where the subway can take me. And the guy I'm supposed to e-mail that to doesn't exist.

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Balance Point said...

I tried this stuff last year and it was a total disaster. I am going along thinking it is working fine and after I get about 10 feet beyond where I was working, I look back, and the foam had disappeared. Just clear liquid dripping from the ceiling. Nightmare. Not to mention I can barely see through the goggles because they are coated in foam bits, plus sweating my ass off inside the tyvec body suit. Surely on one level of hell they have guys spraying this stuff. Poor bastards.