Friday, July 14, 2006

There's a pea under the carpet

They say you're supposed to get 8 hours of sleep a night. Who is they? Why the Sandman Local 516, of course. Sorry. I'm a bit loopy. The point I was originally supposed to make is that there's a difference between 8 hours in a nice comfy waterbed and 8 hours on what seems to be blue-black level loop cement.
I meant to bring more blankets in but never got around to it. I have a comforter here. The first two nights I just put it down, climbed on top, and pulled it over me. Then I left it folded over and slept on that for a few nights. I even tried putting a pair of jeans under the blanket to support my back. Last night I folded it 3 levels deep and slept on top.
Today I look at this stupid program I'm supposed to be working on and admiring the pretty colors because the code is gibberish and I can't begin to figure out how the graphical software works. Good thing it's friday.

Hey! The index for Recruit Medicine is supposed to come back today. I'll see if I can find the index template. That should kill a few hours in my current condition.

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