Sunday, July 23, 2006

movie review

My Super Ex-Girlfriend
There's been a trend recently of making shows with superheros doing their mundane life stuff. The sitcom "My Hero" in England shows someone with powers living his life, running his shop, keeping his secret identity, and occasionally flying off to save mankind. "Sky High" showed superhero high school. "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" shows what happens when you try dumping someone with superpowers. Boy meets girl, boy gets girl, girl has super powers, girl also has major jealousy issues, boy dumps girl, girl ruins boy's life, boy hooks ex up with someone else.

Good movie, well performed. The acts of revenge are very imaginative. Luke Wilson seems to be hired for his utter nobodyness. 20 years ago they'd have used John Ritter. Several times in the movie Wilson seemed to be channeling Ritter.

I'd like to see it again, but I won't buy it on DVD.

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Chlo said...

Seems great !