Monday, July 24, 2006

Cardboard table

As promised, my cardboard table.
The office has a unisex bathroom. My last boss provided a nice table to take up some of the room's vast emptyness and give us a place to set things. But when she left she took her table with her. Since we had just gotten 5 new Macintosh G5s I decided I'd use the remaining boxes to build us a new table. There's lots of glue and a couple of bolts. I probably could have gotten by without the bolts. I wanted different bolts anyway.
It's really strong, but not terribly stable. That is, it can take a good deal of crushing weight, but the legs would give if I pushed to the side too much.
I've got a place in my eventual bathroom to put it when I leave this place.

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Jami said...

Clever. Couldn't find a picture, but some friends and I built a cardboard boat for a "Whatever Floats Your Boat" race a few years ago. Entire boat was constructed of cardboard, rope and rubber cement. Not only didn't it sink, we were still afloat 1/2 hour later when we got tired of being in the boat and dragged her out of the water.