Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sod Off Wednesday: Apple

I'm learning Objective C for work. It's the programming language used for programming iPads, Pods, and Phones.

Apple has done me some favors. I got Xcode for free to do the programming. And I'm learning the language by watching a Stanford professor through iTunes U. So thank you, Apple for that.

I've finished my second program. The first was "Hello, World" through a different teacher. This one is a game called Matchismo. And I can't put it on the office iPad to show it around or let the management in Texas have a look at my progress. More accurately, I can, but it'll cost me $99.

It seems unlikely the government will pay the fee. We're in economic meltdown. I'm not paying. I already bought my textbooks and they've cut my pay to Ramen wages (after bills). And they're threatening to cut 20% more because Republicans are dicks.

Hopefully, when I have one of the apps that I'm working towards we can find the money.

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