Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Links: March 29

Damn you website! Go live already!

Squeeze your left thumb to kill your gag reflex. [link]

A quadrotor in a Faraday Cage flys between Tesla Coils.

Episode 1 of the New Aperture R&D series.

NASA can now grow goldfish meat in space. [link]
So far, nobody nervy enough to eat it.

25 food "hacks". [link]

Mr Rogers defending PBS to the Senate.

Lincoln had smallpox while giving The Gettysburg Address. [link]

Video games for animals. [link]
This is sort of a follow up to a link about the pig game I mentioned some time back. 

Game: Smelly - You've pooped your pants at work. Get out without anyone finding out. [link]

Video: Gay men will marry your girlfriends. [link]

New Doctor Who episodes start tomorrow! Here's a prequel.

Carmina Burana with new lyrics.

Analysis of a glass structure called Prince Rupert's Drop.

Holy shit, TLC! Something educational! Good for you!

Beaver dam stops diesel fuel leak from reaching the lake. Beavers are receiving treatment. [link]

It's been awhile since we had a good Minecraft post. Here's a Beetlejuice themed world.

Spot the Lego sculpture. [link]

The placebo effect applies to test taking, too. [link]

The Venn Diagram of Irrational Nonsense. [link]

Life in the (according to the Census) only gay free county in America. [link]

Graphine - the Super Supercapacitor [link]

A graphine variant of aerogel. [link]

The science of pet food. [link]

From the upcoming webcomics documentary "Stripped". [link]

Spiffy table. [link]

Game - Maze: feed it a website to roll a ball around. Mostly for smart phones. [link]

In some places piracy = equality. [link]

Cat games. [link]

Chocolate isn't really chocolate anymore. [link]

Notable parts of Obama's speech in Israel. [link]

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