Friday, March 08, 2013

Friday Links: March 8

RunPee:  A program to let you know when a movie is getting slow enough so you can go pee without missing anything. [link]

The origins of 10 insults. [link]

Despite home brewers and micro breweries there's a battle going on for global beer domination. [link]

Pictures from the White House renovations in the 1950's. [link]
You mean they had a chance to fix it and chose to geek it gaudy?

The race to make brain controlled exoskeletons. [link]

Here's a waste of money. A tiny library with a $20K router. [link]

Dozens of large US companies to support gay marriage before the Supreme Court. [link]

The NFL isn't one of them. [link]

Game: Steampunk Tower: defend your steampunk tower from steampunk baddies. [link]

The first radio transmission from an airship said “Roy, come and get this goddam cat!” [link]

George R. R. Martin reads nursery rhymes.

James Franco on Stephen Colbert.

How to fuck with your cat.

Russian ice caves. [link]

How to stop those Duke boys from tearing around Hazzard County. [link]

A promising movie that got stolen from it's writer/director. [link]
You thought I was talking about the Fox version of Dune, didn't you.

Zerg Rush Chess (also known as Horde Chess or Dunsany's Chess). [link]

"Head Like a Hole" lyrics with "Call Me Maybe" tune. [link]

Woman shot in a robbery 30 years ago finally dies of her wound. Coroner rules it a homicide. [link]

A rat king is several rats with their tails tied together. What is it called when they get their brains tied together? [link] [link 2]
I think it's best called from far, far away.

Baaaaaahn Jovi's "Living on a Prayer".

Trash droids to go with your Roomba. [link]

You don't visit Beijing for the view. [link]

Following it's Jeopardy win, Watson goes looking for a real job. [link]

The robot donkey/dog/thing is now throwing cinderblocks around!

Sitting is the new smoking? [link]
I work at a computer all day. Fuck standing.

Programming greats talk about their first programs. Then they talk other programming stuff.

I'm learning Objective C. There's no way I could have learned this the way people of my age group learned BASIC. Programming is too different, today.

3D printed car. [link]

Things Yummy will want to turn into wallpaper. [link]

Every corporate website ever. [link]

Companies that share their resources with other companies. [link]

Get to know your local politics. [link]

Matt Groening's work for Apple. [link]

Moshpit simulator. [link]

CO2 level increase at the second highest in known history. [link]

Floorplans of TV homes. [link]

Another story of a woman in the military dealing with being raped by fellow soldiers. [link]

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