Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Links: March 22

A petition to get CNN to apologize for sympathizing with the Steubenville rapists. [link]

5 landscapes that will kill you. [link]

4 things politicians don't understand about the poor. [link]

35 show that apparently nobody watches. [link]

An article by the guy who hacked Donkey Kong so his daughter could play as the girl. [link]
I just wanna know how he got the data off and back on to the game cartridge.

Frogs see photons. [link]
I can't recall if I posted this, but I just now read it, so here it is again.

Story: An Extraordinary Case - a woman trying not to get pregnant in a super fertile world. [link]

An informant in The Vatican. [link]

80% of homophobes are aroused by gay sex. [link]

You dispose of Bibles by burying them. [link]
You dispose of flags by cutting them up and burning them. 

1/3 of all sex offenders are children. [link]

The drummer of the fictional band "Gorillaz" is an X-man. [link]

Google now allows you to search for animated gifs. [link]

A bridge blowing up set to the Blue Danube.

Doctor Who returns March 30. No link necessary.

Prop Wars - what if your collectable movie props worked?

Wooden marble machines. [link]

An Oreo gun.

Was the destruction of the Death Star an inside job?

Besides all the other problems [link], in the new Sim City game you can destroy other players' cities. Permanently. [link]

Modern Republican values. [link]
This kind of shit is part of why I don't think most people who identify as Republican are really Republicans.

Another asteroid mining venture. [link]

How "You Bet Your Life" archive footage was kept from the fire. [link]

How "hackers" use your computer to spy on you. [link]

Evidence of heart disease found in 5000 year old bodies. [link]

Prison tourists act as prisoners. [link]

Dingus Rand Paul introduces bill declaring fetuses to be people starting at conception. [link]

Lyndon Johnson's White House tapes show that Nixon sabotaged Vietnam peace negotiations. [link]

A boxer was being taunted on Twitter so he went to the kid's house. [link]

How many steps a day do you take and how many should you? [link]

America's digital defensive and offensive force becomes better defined. [link]

The future of wearable tech. [link]

Volvo's new pedestrian detecting system. [link]

Global temperature records extended back an extra 2500 years and 10,000 years.

Santa Fe city leaders want to allow same sex marriages, but the county leaders won't let them. [link]

I've been saying "I told you so" for 10 years. [link]

Pictures of tunnels being built under New York. [link]

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