Sunday, March 31, 2013

Not an April Fools Day trick

I have to start by announcing that this isn't an April Fools trick. I have to say that because of the size of the news.

I'm moving to Baltimore.

We'd joked that I might do this after putting all this work into the houses I bought there. I'd think of them as mine and wouldn't be able to let them go. Then becoming a government employee cut my pay more than anyone expected. Once I realized there was a problem, my personal budget was slashed. Enough so that I've lost 18 lbs in the last 3 months.

A recent review of accounts has shown me that even if I hadn't bought the Baltimore houses I would be walking a fine financial line. So, much of what I like about my DC house couldn't be enjoyed.

There were plans to move me quickly back up the government financial scale, but then Congress happened. Now my already bad finances are probably going to be cut by another 20%. So my DC house would be threatened even if I didn't have the second loan.

And it seems unlikely my job will move back to DC. So ease of commuting isn't an answer. But it does suggest that I move to Frederick instead of Baltimore. I'd considered that back when Yummy found a church for sale up there.

So I'll move. Selling the DC house will give me enough to clear out my DC debt with enough to continue work on Annapolis Bog. Or tuck it away in other investments. Or pick another cheap house to work on. The important thing is that I'll have income instead of flit-by-in-a-mad-rush-come.