Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bird music

I have three birds in my house. Gandolf the african gray you already know. The other two are Yummy's green cheeked conures named Oliver "Ollie" Queen and Rose "Rosie" Tyler.

Gandolf likes her radio. She'll actually say "what's up the radio". She used to say "what's on the radio", but got "what's up, Gandolf" mixed in there. So I got this small, old radio. Old enough that when the power comes back on after a power failure the radio turns back on. And I got a battery powered light switch that I could mount on her cage. No she turns her radio on and off when she wants to instead of asking me.

Setting the radio involved me going through stations until she started flapping her wings at me. We landed on a 70's station. Technically, she'd prefer more 60's music. She's a Beatles fan. But for the most part she's happy with what she has.

I mention this because I just found out what kind of music Rosie likes. She's an aggressive little thing. Ollie is happy to chill and snuggle on a person. Rosie challenges everyone and likes to bite. During the station's "90's at Noon" segment they had some Metallica playing. Besides shaking her head up and down like she does when challenging me, Rosie also started walking and making a creaking squeek with each head bang. So the aggressive birdie is a metal head.


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GreenCanary said...

Surprised? I am not. Rosie is DEFINITELY a metal head. We're in for 20 years of bird crazy. Sigh.