Monday, March 04, 2013

No, officer, that's just how my car smells

I mentioned recently bought that I've gotten into home brewing. I'd started a Witbier about 2 weeks ago. We were brewing at the Baltimore house and letting it ferment at my place in DC where I could control the temperature. Last weekend we'd gotten the 5 gallons in a secondary fermentation tank (a glass carboy) and I was taking it home in the back of my Prius. Somewhere along the way it fell over. Not an easy task for something that wide and heavy. But by the time I knew there was a problem I'd lost 4 gallons. Some pooled in the wheel well. Some pooled in the battery well. And some found its way into the fuse block(?) where it corroded the heck out of things. The car was still drivable, but the dashboard lit up like a Christmas Tree. Check hybrid system. Check PCS. Check Cruise Control. All that checking came to $1100 and change.

One problem remains. The car smells like beer. Or bread. And the odds are good that it will smell that way for the rest of it's life. I can never be pulled over again. The cop will never believe I haven't been drinking.


amj523 said...

Baking soda or vinegar might help, some. Or you could stick a sign on your car that says "Doug's Beer Delivery Service- Keeping Drunks at Home Since 2013"

Ibid said...

I thought I might drive through Lake Febreeze.