Sunday, April 06, 2014

Movie Review: Captain America: Winter Soldier

Typically we can have faith that the Marvel movies will be pretty good. But if you saw Thor: The Dark World (not bad, but a B- in an A or A+ movie tradition) or the dubious trailers for Guardians of the Galaxy then you may have some doubts about Captain America: Winter Soldier. So let me reassure you now, it's a good movie and you'll enjoy it.

I was wondering what they were going to do for a story. I mean Captain America is still too tied to WWII in my mind. To do otherwise you'd have to make this movie an origin story for a new villain. From what I've seen of the trailers Marvel doesn't want to give you too much of the movie and I'm going to respect that... mostly. I'll just say that some of the old baddies and heroes are manifesting themselves in new ways. And this movie will fuck things over royally for the Agents of Shield TV series. This movie may explain why Fury wasn't taking Coulson's calls. Or they may be unrelated.

Cap and Black Widow have better chemistry than Thor and stupid human played by Natalie Portman and Cap and BW aren't supposed to be a couple.

There are two clips in the credits to watch for.

Since this is a short post I want to share a story. While filming The Avengers Chris Evans sent out a text to the rest of the main cast with the phrase "Avengers Assemble". And they'd meet at a bar and party all night. Clark Gregg (Agent Coulson) said it was his favorite text he's ever received.

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