Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Gotham City may be worse than we think

What you see in the movies and comic books is Batman and friends stopping the smuggling of drugs and dangerous weapons into the city. That's some of the lower level stuff they show you. Nothing like stopping the Joker or breaking up the Penguin's latest scheme. They still break up muggings and car jackings and the like, but that's pretty basic for them. You can't keep an audience's interest with that. But it still happens. Think about that for a second. It still happens. You have a colony of creatures of dubious humanity who can swoop down on you at any moment, drag you into the shadows, beat the crap out of you, possibly cripple you for life, all for trying to steal someone's wallet or sell a bit of weed. And these people still choose to try to make a living that way. Which raises the question about how bad the economy in Gotham City really is. Sure, Bruce Wayne keeps opening shelters, funding free health care, scholarships, money for schools, creating jobs, and generally trying to turn things around for the poorest of the poor before they turn to crime. He works to elect politicians who will try to drive the city to do similar things with city money. But it seems to me that it's still a city with the density of New York with the economy of Detroit.

Pity the people of Gotham, for hungry African children send them money.

It doesn't help the people of Gotham, but you can give money to the Wayne Foundation. Their focus is on helping the victims of sex trafficking. [http://waynefdn.org/]

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