Monday, April 14, 2014

House for sale

I've got a house for sale in Washington, DC if you're interested. It's not exactly move in ready. I mean, you could, but it's got a lot of half finished projects if you think you'll want to fix the house up yourself first.

The house is 12'x24', two stories tall, there's an attic, a deck, and a front lawn. It's ideal for one person or a married couple. You could have a kid, too, but for purposes of space and education you'll want to leave before the kid starts school.

It's only 3 blocks from the DC Metro. The Metro system is extensive enough that I went 9 years without a car.
Also 3 blocks away, the U st shopping corridor is full of restaurants, bars, furniture, and clothing stores. I'm really missing the easy access to everything.

I'm asking $350,000 for the house as-is. It's probably the cheapest house you're going to find in DC.

It's seen a lot of improvements since I moved in.
In October 2006 I replaced the back wall and bathroom
In November 2007 the roof had it's surface stripped and replaced. It has an estimated R-25 insulation value now and was painted silver to reflect heat instead of absorbing it. A new coat is recommended.
In January 2008 I finished work on the second bedroom/office. It has a bamboo floor, exposed and repointed brick, and is open to the roof. 
That was followed in February 2008 with me making the space over the main bedroom into an attic.
The deck was added in May 2008. It's made of composite materials that should last 50 years.
The furnace and tankless water heater were added in December 2008.
In August 2009 I painted the crawlspace with multiceramic paint. Additional insulation was added in November 2010.
I made the stones that make up the front patio in May/July 2010.

If you're just an investor, the neighborhood was rezoned a few years back to allow 3 story homes. Houses that have added the third floor have doubled in value. If I had the funds I'd do it myself.

If you're interested you can reach me via the comments or at

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