Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Links: April 18

Free clinics are shutting down. Thanks to Obamacare they're no longer needed. [link]

You can judge a book by it's cover. [link]

A map of the deepest cave in the world. [link]

Captain Janeway says she was tricked to narrate a "documentary" about geocentrism. [link]

Lawrence Krauss doesn't know how he got in the "documentary". [link]

Cardboard remote control tank. [link]

The pickup that insurgents everywhere prefer to use. [link]
Be sure to watch the Top Gear video. 

Most crosswalk buttons in NYC are only there for show. [link]

Kermit Christ Superstar - Songs from Jesus Christ Superstar done by a Muppet impersonator. [link]

I didn't get picked for the Mars One mission. This article is by the husband of someone who did get picked. [link]

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