Friday, April 04, 2014

Friday Links: April 4

One of the greatest jugglers in history has turned to masonry. [link]

Chimps have better numerical memory than humans. [link]

Just roosters. [link]

Anita Hill talks. [link]

Find out what song that was in that one TV show or movie. [link]

Creepy tunnel. [link]

Talented dog. [link]

Detroit and other cities have tens of thousands of unprocessed rape kits just sitting there for decades. [link]

Alternative scene for Gravity.

Yellowstone isn't about to explode.
In this video you see buffalo running to leave Yellowstone National Park. Some theorized that they knew the caldera was about to explode. The first issue is that the video was posted weeks ago and filmed awhile before that. [link]

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan's tourist pics from New York. [link]

Ford puts Cadillac's ad in it's place. [link]

Albuquerque police gun down homeless camper. [link]

The first trailer for Michael Bay's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

It's fallen so far since it's early days as a spoof of the superhero genre. 
I will not be seeing this movie. But that was established the moment it was announced.

Artistic dog grooming. []

Cupcake vending machine doesn't work like a high speed EZ Bake Oven. [link]

Besides their land and ships, Russia now controls Ukraine's dolphin army. [link]

I've played games on an Oculus Rift. It's awesome. I have high hopes for the technology. So I'm really mad that Facebook bought Oculus. If Mark Zuckerwhoozit bought it I wouldn't mind. But I seriously dislike Facebook and will put off buying a Rift as long as possible. [link 1] [link 2]

High quality time lapse foodage of slow moving sea life. [link]

"Why do you hate porn?" [link]

Painting letters on the street. [link]

Disaster architecture. [link]

Bird coffee shop. [link]

The pneumonic plague. [link]

Smiley face screws and screwdriver. [link]
Are you kidding me? I need to buy ANOTHER kind of screwdriver!?

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