Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Links: April 11

Why you shouldn't get a tattoo, but having a baby is fine. [link]

Why part of Canada is missing some gravity. [link]

Opt-out of a bunch of advertising trackers. [link]

"16 and Pregnant" is helping bring down teen pregnancy rates. [link]

Intact T-rex soft tissue found along with why it's been preserved this long. [link]

Switzerland is wired to self destruct in self defense. [link]

A high school prank using a tunnel that connects two parts of a school on opposite sides of the street.

The smell of rain on dry earth has a name: petrichor. [link]

Smooooooth Game of Thrones theme.

The making of the Doctor Who version of Guess Who. [link]

A cake that looks like The Luggage from Discworld. [link]

I'd display this art in my home. [link]

The oldest known message in a bottle. [link]

Doctor Zhivago was part of a CIA plot to undermine the Soviet Union. [link]

Charge your iPod in 30 seconds. [link]

Unprofitable valley. [link]

Game: Super Planet Crash - Crashing planets for fun and prof... for fun. [link]

Court stenographer writes "I hate my job" over and over. [link]

Sloth rescue. [link]

Libertarian Police Force. [link]

What do you get when you cross a goat and a sheep? This. [link]

Using quotes to make book titles sarcastic. [link]

Wrath of Kahn storyboards. [link]

The Navy is making gasoline from sea water. That or we've spilled more oil than we thought. [link]

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