Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Return of Jack-Jack

You know about my neighborhood stray cats. Shortly before I moved in two of the cats vanished. Ink and Crackerjack vanished at the same time. Ink was a bully to the other cats, kept starting fights, and isn't really missed. Crackerjack (a.k.a. Jack-Jack), on the other hand, was one of the sweetest cats ever met. The first time Jack-Jack and Yummy met, the cat climbed up on her shoulders and lie down. Jack-Jack soon came to prefer me. He'd sleep in the chairs on my front porch when I wasn't around, would pass a dozen occupied front porches to climb up on my lap, and would sometimes climb in an open window and hang out. Then he vanished.

Last night I was working on my future bedroom and saw some eyes out on the porch roof. I opened the window and the cat didn't run off. With some encouragement it came over for head rubs. It was Jack-Jack with a new flea collar. I climbed out on the roof and Jack climbed up on my lap after a few minutes. That got rid of any doubts of who it was. 

He came inside for a bit and then left. Later he came back in, hurried down the stairs, through the kitchen, tried to go out the closed kitchen window, then stood by the door until I let him out. He stood on the back step rails and watched the other cats. Then slowly started rediscovering his old turf. 

Sorry for the selfies. But it's hard to take a picture of a cat on your shoulders without making them selfies.

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