Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Links: October 11

Obamacare rollout goes well in Kentucky. [link]

Halloween evilness.

Movies ruined by adding a word to the title. [link]

BREAKING BAD SPOILER: Albuquerque newspaper runs Walter White obit. [link]
Highlight black box to reveal subject.

Bird calls rendered with digital particle effects. [link]

"Ow, fuck!" - last words of Roald Dahl that screwed up his planned statement. [link]

A brief history of government shut downs. [link]
Geez, no wonder Carter was voted out of office. 6 shutdowns! Reagan had 8, but short ones.

Aw, we in the northern hemisphere don't get to see Comet ISON until December. [link]

A short comic based on an HP Lovecraft story. [link]

Zoos and water parks can be used to give MRI to those too obese for normal scanners. [link]

Tsundoku: the Japanese word for books bought but unread. [link]

Having destroyed their natural predators, jellyfish are spreading and becoming a serious problem. So we're having to build robot predators. [link]

Silk Road and how the FBI took it down. [link]

The biased media and it's role in the shutdown. [link]
Which is why you should use the BBC and NPR for honest reporting.

Prehistoric spork mouthed elephant. [link]

A brief history of drinking on the job. [link]

Dogs trained to go into MRI machines are more human than previously thought. [link]

The realities of lacking health insurance for the sick, the hospital, and those insured. [link]

Extinct tree brought back. [link]

Put a head on this thing so you know which way is the front!

Cultural tips from an amateur observer. [link]

Half marathon runner misses her exit and takes 10th in a full marathon. [link]


Digital dead drops. [link]

The starving process and how long you can go on your body fat. [link]

Free birth control cuts abortions and teen pregnancy by 75-80%. [link]

Living the dream. [link]

Disney's new touchy feely generator. [link]

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