Friday, October 04, 2013

Friday Links: October 4

Once upon a time everyone in New York moved on the same day. [link]

A collection of short sci-fi films worth watching. [link] [more]

Absurd stock photography. [link]

Body control commercial.

1% of the world's wood is used by Ikea. [link]

Pictures of an eagle attacking a deer. [link]

The case for college. [link]
Just remember to get a degree worth something.

A woman trying to make 300 unique sandwiches. [link]

A crossbow inspired by Discworld novels. [link]

Technical analysis of the reaction to new freedom restrictions. [link]

Begging for Bitcoins. [link]

Strange object in orbit in 2002. [link]

The time the US almost nuked North Carolina. [link]

Sugar's big con job. [link]

ONLY 1 in 10 children are child laborers worldwide. [link]
I'm thinking part of the reason for Africa's numbers is because of their huge AIDS orphan issue.

Dear JJ Abrams, This is what Star Wars is.

Water drumming.

Fun with a spinning monitor. [link]

Earthquake created a new island. Recently. [link]

Emmy losers party. [link]

25 most powerful websites in internet history. [link]
You won't expect these answers.

An honest Obamacare explanation.

The IPCC climate report conclusions. [link]

A short history of Ctrl-Alt-Del. [link]

Hanging sheets of art. [link]

Nifty wall. [link]

Aaron Paul on The Price is Right.

A bionic leg with mental controls.

Drink chocolate milk shakes after a work out. [link]
OK, twist my arm.

The true cost of not vaccinating. [link]

Animal spies. [link]

Cthulhu sofa. Perfect for ... frat houses? [link]

Moses Supposes (his toes are roses) all Japanesed up. [link]

Real life Monopoly settings. [link]

Peter Hollens sings "Want You Gone" (Portal 2 theme).

Baby squirrel adopted by cat.

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