Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Links: October 18

A land mine detecting plant. [link]

Concrete arrows across America. [link]

Raven comes looking for help to get rid of porcupine quills. [link]

A brief history of mayo. [link]

The internet is proving to be a source of doubt for some Mormons. [link]

Drinking in Antarctica. [link]

Kirk Douglas, Kirk Douglas, and Kirk Douglas in a short animation.

Bungee jumping prank.

Rotating your tires in Saudi Arabia.

Weird Al's "Albuquerque" using clips from Breaking Bad.

Rules of the internet. [link]

Earth and Moon from Saturn. [link]

The vitamin myth OR The most right and wrong person in recent history. [link]

Demolishing Detroit. [link]

What stars different songs have reached. [link]

Moisture vaporator billboard. [link]

Koch brothers realize their own strategy is bad for their business. [link]

Game: Tiny Hack (best guess) - An absurdly low resolution adventure game. [link]

Retweeting peoples real world Obamacare experience. [link] [selections]

Renderings of the average man's figure by nationality. [link]

Best way to die in space. [link]

20 funny business names. [link]

The scientific consensus on GMO foods. [link]

Where woman are happy and secure pick-up artists don't work. [link]

This doesn't really explain the Higgs Boson, either. But it tries. [link]

Fusion that releases more energy than it takes in has finally been achieved. [link]

Isn't it a bit early for Best of 2013 articles? [link]

13 things wrong with Congress. [link]

Footage of a Grasshopper rocket test taken by a Hexacopter camera.

Banksy had an art sale but nobody knew it was him and not a knockoff.

I can never make clay act like this. [link]

Hard sci-fi stories. [link]

Deer with basketball in antlers. [link]

Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner have supper on TV trays every night and watch a movie. [link]

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