Thursday, October 03, 2013

House ideas

My parents are looking to build a new house before too long. This post is directed at them. For the rest of you, the latest Solar Decathlon just started in California. So I won't be attending. And you won't be suffering from 2 weeks of pictures. 

Here's some stuff I've seen at various Solar Decathlons that you might want to think about. 

Not the green wall. The garden just off the patio. 

A garden rack made of old angle iron and using a rain barrel for water.

Same, but up close.
There's these great exterior blinds that let in winter sun but keep out summer sun. They also prevent hail damage and decrease tornado damage.
These are on tracks so they can be pushed aside. Just reuse what we pulled off Grandma's barn.

These don't slide, but can be pushed out. 

Like so.
Or you can have them on rails AND able to swing up.
Or WAY up.

A lattice on the south wall should help keep the house cool. But mosquitos may hide behind the plants.

A flexible drain rack ingredient stand behind the sink. 

See above.

A use for the wood from the barn.

If you want to use solar water heaters or energy collectors but don't want them seen, you can do the roof like this. 

Then the water can be easily collected and used in something like this. 

If you want to get away from the farm house look you can make something from old grain bins.
Dad's collection of interesting grasses could be put to good use, too.

Sliding shelves to open up the house for family gatherings. 

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