Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Barilla boycott

This is a couple of weeks old, but I'm posting it anyway.

The CEO of the Barilla pasta company, Guido Barilla, recently said in an interview
“I would never do an advert with a homosexual family…if the gays don’t like it they can go an eat another brand.
“For us the concept of the sacred family remains one of the fundamental values of the company.
“Everyone has the right to do what they want without disturbing those around them
“I have no respect for adoption by gay families because this concerns a person who is not able to choose,"
Yeah, it stirred up a shit storm and he apologized... sorta.
“I’m sorry if my comments on La Zanzara (radio show where he made the comments) have created misunderstanding or polemic, or if I’ve offended anyone. In the interview I only wanted to underline the central role of the woman in the family,"
No, Guido, try again.
"I apologize if my words have offended some people."
He also said the usual line of crap about respecting everybody and ended with
"Barilla in its advertising has always chosen to represent the family because this is the symbol of hospitality and love for everyone."
Which basically means, "I haven't changed my mind or learned anything but please forget what I said."

You've probably seen Barilla on shelves in the United States. I don't know if I've ever seen their ads. They also own Voiello (Italy), Filiz (Turkey), Misko (Greece?), Vesta (Mexico), Yemina (Mexico), Wasa (Sweden), Pavesi (Italy), Mulino Bianco (Italy), and Harrys (France) products. I've been looking for a list of restaurants that use Barilla, having read that it's a lot, but can't find anything other than Pastamania (Malaysia, India, Middle East, Singapore). I was hoping to write to them and suggest a change of pasta. In the United States it looks like we can just boycott the Barilla label.

Of course, if you take the other position, then this just tells you what your new favorite pasta company is. Much like how you flocked to Chick-Fil-A when they came out against gay marriage or how I bought extra cookies when I found out how much conservatives hate what the Girl Scouts teach.

Guido, if you really want to fix this you need a speech that features the phrase "I was wrong" prominently.

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