Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"I Love It" bothers me

Being an old man I tend not to listen to much current music. But you gotta have a radio on while doing construction. Gotta. The station I landed on isn't the usual 60's/70's/80's stuff that I tend to listen to. But it wasn't country music so I stayed. One song in particular stands out. Largely because I can understand the lyrics. Don't give me that look. I had the same problem when I did listen to music a lot. The words are horribly garbled. But the song "I Love It" is totally comprehensible. But the message I'm getting is different than the message I think they're trying to send.

Here's the chorus.

You're on a different road, I'm in the Milky Way
You want me down on earth, but I am up in space
You're so damn hard to please, we gotta kill this switch
You're from the 70's, but I'm a 90's bitch

It's a common rock message. I'm wild. Ain't no boy or nothing gonna hold me down. I just want to party and have fun. But then things turn dark.

The other lyrics may as well be a chorus since it's the only other thing said.

I got this feeling on the summer day when you were gone.
I crashed my car into the bridge. I watched, I let it burn.
I threw your shit into a bag and pushed it down the stairs.
I crashed my car into the bridge.
I don't care, I love it.

This is a seriously disturbed woman who needs therapy and medication. She's like the dog who trashes the house when left home alone1. The moment her man (I'm assuming, it could be a woman) leaves her alone for a little bit she freaks out and starts breaking things and attempting to hurt herself. I don't know what she's like when she's with her significant other, but I assume he helps her keep it together. Because when she's alone for too long she deliberately drives into the side of a bridge. Then rather than get upset or freak out she's making marshmallows in the ruins. Then she somehow gets home and starts destroying stuff there, too. Because she likes destroying stuff. And now she's breaking up with the whoever because she prefers destruction.

Now that I look at the lyrics a bit closer I see that she could be upset about the car. Maybe that's why she's throwing his stuff out. Her being crazy has been established and she's blaming him for leaving her alone long enough for the crazy to set in. But then, she doesn't love it? Does she want him to fight for her or...

Either way, ladies of "Icona Pop", if this song is based on anything that actually happened to you I suggest you get medicated.

1 Stop. You know damn well I'm not comparing women to dogs. But this one woman has abandonment issues on par with some badly behaved dogs.

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