Friday, August 09, 2013

Friday Links: August 9

Either I have shit load of bad links or this head cold/sinus infection makes everything uninteresting.

A new game for the SNES. [link]

Marijuana is a vegetable? [link]

TSA wildly corrupt. [link]

Spacesuit tour and X-ray. [link]

The new Doctor Who appeared in an old episode. [link]

Turkish suicides believed to be caused by telekinesis. [link]

Baluga whales playing pass the bubble ring.

London sewers jammed with a fatburg. [link]

Which can be burned for electricity. [link]

Batman vs Terminator (trailer).

If you're happy and you know it par-a-keet.

The movies of 2015. [link]
Hmmm... Avengers 2, Ant-Man, or that one in the lower right corner?

The saga of the forgotten employee. [link]

Minion cupcakes. [link]

Chuck Palahniuk gives writing advice. [link]

Playing D&D with Siri.

Two sentence horror stories. [link]

Spyfall - a Skyfall trailer remade with Team Fortress 2 characters.

Pinky and the Brain do "Who's On First?"

T-rex really was a dinosaur of prey instead of a scavenger. [link]

Game: Zombality - kill the zombies to get to the truck and escape. [link]

Game: Splitter Pals - split blocks to feed the orange ball to the yellow ball. [link]

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