Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Links: August 23

Attorney General Holder trying to get rid of minimum prison sentences for minor drug offenses. [link]

How the drug companies work to make meth easy to make. [link]

How to do a convocation speech at a tech school. [link]

This record was recently set by a friend of my lackey. [link]

29% of San Francisco smog is from China. [link]

North Carolina bans using climate change predictions in making coastal policies. [link]

Something completely different from Aardman Entertainment. It's a trailer for BBC2s Dark Side of the Moon based radio drama.

Nostalgia was once a psychological condition to be treated. [link]

Can graphic design help the homeless? [link]

What happens when you get rid of tipping? [link]

Chinese zoo tries to pass off a big fluffy dog as a lion. [link]

Electronics so low powered that they can run off of TV signals. [link]

Animated chart of population by age over time. [link]

Current cost of raising a kid until 18: $241,080. [link]

Quick neuroscience tips. [link]

The NSA is Meshnet's best friend. [link]

How banner dragging planes get their banners.

Nifty fonts on old equipment. [link]

More Republicans in Louisiana think Obama was to blame for the lousy response to Katrina than Bush. [link]

How the government harasses Americans re-entering the United States. [link]

When 3D printers fail. [link]

Ben Affleck couldn't direct the Justice League movie because he's going to be playing... sigh... Batman. [link]

Magic Beard

I was going to do something similar when I cut off my beard this weekend, but I was going to be ripping big hunks of hair out.

How to take sunset pictures (skip to the last 4 paragraphs). [link]

Government tells us what we already know about Area 51. [link]

Coke is part of a healthy lifestyle. Yep, and a spoon is part of a healthy breakfast. [link]

The man behind one of the internet's biggest drug websites. [link]

Surprise, surprise, the NSA has been overreaching. [link]

Slang for genitals over the years. [men] [women]

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