Wednesday, August 07, 2013


Fleas don't like me. Know how I know? Because I left Yummy in my Baltimore house while I was away and she got bitten by fleas. I haven't been bitten by fleas. Just her. So either she brought fleas into my house or they just don't find me particularly tasty.

Of course, even if they're not gnawing on me I must be rid of them. I picked up a fogger which I may decide to set off. But the question I have is about timing. I'm thinking I should go by after work tomorrow and sprinkle a few inches of flea killer over the carpet. Then get rid of the carpet. Then fog the place. And the empty house next door. All while wearing flea collars as ankle bracelets.

What's a good carpet powder?
And do I need to do something about the yard? I know the answer is "yes", but what? Lawn-ocide?
How do I get flea collars on stray cats?
Should I be doing this before or after I put up sheetrock?
By hauling off the carpet will I just be getting fleas in the car?


GreenCanary said...

OY! I did NOT bring fleas into the house! Blame the cadre of stray cats in the backyard, not me. Besides, it's not abnormal for me to get eaten by things that don't bother you. Think of the mosquitoes outside of your D.C. place. I go out there and get eaten alive. You go out and get one bite. I think it's because I'm sweet :-)

Der_Muffinman2 said...

Are you sure they are fleas? Bed bugs do a similar thing. You can be bitten by bed bugs, but not have any reaction.