Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Links: August 16

Game: Galaxy Siege - Build a ship to fight your way through the galaxy. [link]

Homemade tie fighter. [link]

Poor dead polar bear. [link]

14 best cities for the childfree. [link]

Rick Perry has no clue what state he's even in. [link]

Illinois becomes the 20th state to legalize medical marijuana. [link]
Emphasis on the medical.

Republicans voted to repeal Obamacare for the 40th time. [link]

Radioactive galaxy. [link]

Venezuelan slum tower. [link]

The first competitor to the postal system. [link]

Treat rejection with Tylenol. [link]

The Emu War. [link]

The writing of the first Apple OS. [link]

A dead guy with Dreamworks Face. [link]

Google Maps goes in a Police Call Box. [link]
You may have to go up and down the street a bit until you see the double arrows.

A rewrite for Star Wars Episode II.

Spies who were just full of crap. [link]

Sexy objects. [link]
I think most appliance and vehicle companies need a retro design department.

Birth to death in film clips.

That's a lot of work!

Inside a spherical mirror.

A new cat vs printer video.

Prisoners Dilemma tested on prisoners. [link]

Holocaust survivors live longer. [link]

How not to say the wrong thing. [link]

Jeff Bezos on purchasing the Washington Post. [link]
More [link]
I'm torn about this. On one hand Bezos knows his tech and may be good for helping the Post adapt to the modern era. On the other hand Bezos likes to patent shit he and his companies have had nothing to do with and turn them against other companies. He agrees it should be illegal but he does it anyway. So I just dislike him as a person.

Sleep deprivation makes us eat worse. [link]

Dolphins remember their friends after 20 years. [link]

Rather than solve the problem the GOP is likely to up the economic sabotage. [link]

Check out the disaster probabilities for your neighborhood. [link]

Tea Party wingnuts blame Obama for their racism. [link]

Republican GOP heads push for admitting human caused climate change. [link]

Game: Human Chop - drop things on people. [link]

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