Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Links: August 30

"The Hungry Games"

Where to complain about Do Not Call violations. [link]

5 dumbest states in America. [link]
No surprises, really.

According to the National Domestic Violence Hotline Bella and Edward are in an abusive relationship. [link]

A horrible(ly funny) thing to do to someone in the bathroom.

 The NRA keeps the gun registration list they don't want the government to make. [link]

Rent a chicken coop to try it out. [link]

The elevated Amazon highway. [link]

You know what? Let's just turn Detroit into a nature park. [link]

Don't wash the chicken before cooking. [link]

You know what? Let's just turn Oklahoma into a nature park. [link]

Kristen Chenoweth singing a duet with an audience member.

Building a balloon Cthulhu.

An ... interesting, yeah, interesting printer idea. [link]

Highly detailed fictional maps. [link]

The 5 beers most responsible for hospital visits. [link]

To heck with this video about economic division. When in DC or Baltimore you want to hit Dangerously Delicious Pies and get a Baltimore Bomb. It's made of Burger Cookies, another Baltimore dessert. [link]

5 terrifying statement in the leaked climate report. [link]

If you could travel back in time to any decade of the 20th century, when would you pick? [link]

Nursing home gets regular llama visitor. [link]

Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield talk about the ear biting. [link]

A new type of Craigslist killer. [link]

History will pardon Manning even if Obama doesn't. [link]

How different cultures say "I disagree." [link]

Drunk behavior vs stoned behavior.

Loneliness kills! [link]
I have to argue with this article. Loneliness may be bad for you, but loneliness and social isolation aren't the same thing. I'm pretty isolated but I'm hardly lonely. Having to deal with people is WAY more stressful.

Oh, look! Jesus won't protect you from measles. Maybe try vaccines! [link]

How to read and understand scientific papers. [link]

Journalism vs the surveillance state. [link]

Just thinking about science triggers moral behavior. [link]

Teen builds fusion reactor. [link]

The forest that's a tree. [link]

Possibly the oldest globe showing the new world. [link]

Songs with the music removed. [link]

Pandas on slides.

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